The New England Ticket Fairness Alliance (NETFA) is a coalition of fans, small businesses, consumer advocates, labor unions, non-profit organizations, and business groups dedicated to creating a transparent, fair, and competitive market for tickets to concerts, shows, and sporting events.  


What We're Fighting For:

  • Ticket Transferability
    • It should be easy to transfer tickets, and anyone who buys a ticket should be able to use, sell, give away, or donate that ticket however they choose. Limits on ticket transferability hurt non-profits, business owners, and season ticket holders, as well as fans who can’t make the show or game.
  • Ticket Pre-Sales and Holdbacks
    • When tickets go on sale for a show or sporting event, the seller should have to disclose how many tickets are actually on sale to the public and how many are pre-sold or held back for VIPs and special customers or marked up and sold directly on the secondary market. 
  • Bots
    • Bots should be banned. Unfair competition from automated ticket buying software (bots) cheats the system and scoops up tickets within seconds of going on sale, limiting the ability of fans, businesses, and non-profits to purchase tickets at face value.
  • Competition
    • Fans are willing to spend their hard-earned money on tickets to their favorite shows, but that doesn’t mean they should be at the mercy of an artificially controlled resale market. Fans should be able to resell tickets they can’t use or buy cheap tickets elsewhere.


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