RI Restricted Ticket Bill Will Take Away Your Right To Resell Or Give Away Tickets

Rhode Island bills H-7543 and S-2658 are an attempt by ticket companies and the venues they do business with to further monopolize ticket sales by eliminating your rights to use, give away or resell tickets however you choose. When a consumer buys a new car from an auto dealer, the dealer cannot dictate when, how and at what price the consumer can resell their car, but this legislation would give venues and ticket sellers the legal authority to dictate how, where and for how much you can resell for or even give away their tickets.  That's not right!


Anti-consumer and anti-fan language in these bills:



5-22.1-4 defines an admission ticket as a revocable license which “may be revoked at any time, with or without cause, by the ticket issuer.” This is blatantly anti-consumer. While there certainly are justifiable causes for revoking a ticket, such as violent or illegal behavior, those justifiable causes are the only time a ticket should be revoked. An unjustifiable cause would be revoking a season ticketholder’s tickets if that individual sells their tickets below face-value or sells or transfers their ticket on a website other than the ticket seller’s preferred website. 


5-22.1-7 Paragraph 2

5-22.1-7 Paragraph 2 allows operators of places of entertainment, event presenters, or their agents to use any ticketing methods for the initial sale of tickets, through any medium, whether existing now or in the future. This includes selling restricted tickets that are tied to the original purchaser’s ID and credit card. Restricted tickets are non-transferable or only transferable at the will of the venue or on the venue’s pre-approved platform.


When Rhode Island fans purchase live entertainment or sports tickets, often months in advance, and their plans change at the last minute, they should not be faced with losing 100% of their money because they can no longer attend the event and have tickets they cannot readily resell or even give away.


Furthermore, allowing ticket issuers to control resale on affiliated marketplaces (e.g. TicketsNow/TicketExchange) reduces competition and results in higher fees and worse customer service.


Restricted ticketing also unfairly hurts unbanked and underbanked households in Rhode Island. Without access to credit/debit cards, Rhode Island consumers who want to buy tickets to a paperless event are out of luck. 


In addition, Rhode Island’s seniors, many of whom may opt to not make purchases with a credit card or over the internet, are at a disadvantage if they want to purchase tickets. Do we really want to be forcing them to shift away from the ticketing process they know and understand in favor of paperless tickets?


Take action! Click here to tell your Rhode Island legislators to stand with fans, not ticket industry monopolies, and oppose H-7543 and S-2658!

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